Englisches Theater


On the 6th of June, Bärbel Frank from Theater Brausepulver performed the puppet show “Keep Your Promise” at the Kaland School for all the Year 3 and 4 students. She did really well performing the fairy tale in English using wooden puppets. Some parts were very funny, especially when the frog popped out of the water and jumped around like crazy.
The story was about Millie and Princess Holly looking for help to get their ball out of the pond. Mr Fisher the gnome couldn’t fish the ball out with his rod and the water was too cold for Prince Booby. Ducky the Duck didn’t understand what Princess Holly was asking about and started to sing instead! Eventually a funny frog turned up and promised to get the ball if Princess Holly would give him a kiss. I won’t tell what happened at the end, but I can say that they both ended up with what they wanted.
I think everyone enjoyed it very much. The kids understood most of the story. Some from my class said that they could tell from the puppets what was happening, even if they found some of the English hard to follow.
Last year we watched “From the Zoo”, which was also really good. Next year we will all be at other schools in Year 5, but the other children at the Kaland School will be really lucky if Theater Brausepulver returns.

Marten, 4b


Keep your promise

The puppet theatre ‚Brausepulver‘ was performed at the Kaland Schule on Friday, June 6th, 2014.  We saw the story ‚Keep your promise‘ and it was in English.   It was about a frog that turns into a prince.  The puppet theatre was seen by all children in the 3rd and 4th grades. The theatre was great for learning English and there were even parts to sing along with.  Everybody enjoyed it very much!


Finnian, 4b